Regular watchers of American Chopper on TLC have seen this one before, but it's probably a new concept for the rest of the class. A new automated motorcycle wash has recently opened in the United States -- the first of its kind. Simply ride up, lock your front tire into the custom mount and walk away. A few minutes later, after a barrage of high-pressure water, soap and a massive blow dryer have done their things, your bike is now clean and ready to ride off into the sunset. For owners of relatively new bikes, this process will probably work out just fine. If we were riding an older bike with suspect electrics (Triumph owners, we're looking at you... jealously), perhaps the good ole' fashioned rag and bucket would be a better option. The system debuted in Indianapolis just in time for the recent MotoGP race held in the city. We've pasted the press release after the break.

[Source: Moto Express Wash via Next Autos]

Press Release:

Prototype motorcycle wash debuts in Indy with MotoGP

Moto Express Wash™ is country's first automated motorcycle wash

INDIANAPOLIS -The country's first automated, touch‐free wash for motorcycles (Patent
Pending) is being introduced this week, coinciding with the inaugural Red Bull Indianapolis GP
motorcycle race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The prototype wash – Moto Express Wash™
was designed and built by Harrell's Car Wash Systems, a local company that's built and
operated car washes for three decades around the Midwest.

Owner Mark Harrell, a long‐time motorcycle enthusiast, got the idea several years ago after
talking to Paul Teutul Sr. from Orange County Choppers and the cable TV series American
Chopper. Harrell was intrigued and went to work developing the country's first automated
touch‐free motorcycle wash (Patent Pending) at his shop on the west side of Indianapolis. It has
taken three years, but Harrell's team of engineers, computer technicians, welders and other
specialists have designed and built the prototype, which is open for business at the Dirt
Stripper Car Wash at 4980 Crawfordsville Road, about a block west of the Indianapolis Motor

From a distance the Moto Express Wash™ looks like a normal automated car wash bay. The
motorcycle is ridden into the bay, which is the same size as a standard car wash bay. The
kickstand is put down, and the rider dismounts. The bike is secured through a computerized
system that activates blocks at the kick stand and at the front tire, so whether you're riding a
Vespa or a chopper, the bike is held in place in an upright position during the entire wash

An arm moves across and over the bike for pre‐soak, wash and spot‐free rinse – at the same
time, the front and rear wheels are being rotated and cleaned, and then it's air‐dried. The
whole process takes less than five minutes. Until now, motorcycle owners had to rely on hand
washing to clean their bikes, a process that could take at least two hours.
"Wash. Dry. Ride.℠ It's really that simple," says Harrell, who has spent the last several months
test marketing Moto Express Wash™, and plans to make it available to other car wash owners
and motorcycle dealers beginning in the spring.

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