Chrysler must have been feeling a little left out this week with all the hoopla surrounding the unveiling of the production version of the Chevy Volt. Considering the traffic in Chrysler showrooms these days, all the attention shown to GM must make the sales staff feel like the old Maytag repair man and dealer morale is surely pretty poor right now. As a result, the companies top brass - including Bob Nardelli, Jim Press and Tom LaSorda - will host a video conference on Tuesday to show off the vehicles that the ENVI division is working on. ENVI is the unit that Chrysler launched last year to develop electrically-driven vehicles. Top of the list is expected to be a car that goes 40 miles on a full charge of its lithium ion batteries at which point a range extending engine and generator kick on to keep the fun going. What a novel idea! The show will be broadcast from Chrysler's headquarters to 100 movie theaters around the country where local dealers will gather. At this point we don't know if any of the cars to be shown will resemble the concepts from this year's Detroit Auto Show.

[Source: Associated Press]

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