Saleen to launch "Dark Horse" Mustang

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With the 2010 Ford Mustang set to be unveiled in November, time is running out for tuners to put out special edition Mustangs. Saleen seems to have saved its best for last and will be unveiling a "Dark Horse" Mustang next week. The super-Stang will feature the 620 horsepower V8 from the S302 Extreme plus the SuperShaker system that combines a functional ram air system with Saleen's twin-screw supercharger system - a first for a Saleen production car. The "Dark Horse" will sport the Heritage body style and have additional features exclusive to the model. Production will begin in the Fall of 2008, and only 25 will be produced. Our best guess for the "Dark Horse" moniker is that the car will feature an all matte-black paint scheme. We'll bring you all the details of the car after its official debut next week.


Saleen sent us a rendering of the Dark Horse, which can be seen above.

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