Loris Capirossi, who usually races on two wheels in MotoGP, will give it a go on four wheels, though he'll be remaining loyal to the Suzuki brand in the process. The race will take place on November 8 in Aldershot, U.K. as part of the Suzuki Swift Sport Cup rally racing series that we told you about last April. The Italian motorcycle racer has driven in rally events in the past, but his low experience level against the talented crew of professional rally drivers will make the successful MotoGP racer a major underdog. As an added bonus, Capirossi will race against his motorcycling boss, Paul Denning, who is also racing as a guest at the Tempest Rally. That should be fun.

It isn't that uncommon for racers from one sport to take part in another. Recent examples such as Travis Pastrana and Michael Schumacher prove that success in one discipline can in fact equal a measure of success in another. For his part, Loris says he'll do his best to be competitive. We wish Capirossi the best, but we expect him to be back on his factory Suzuki GSV-R mount in short order.

[Source: Motorcycle.com]

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