Steve McGarrett, your new hybrid awaits. Well not exactly, but the Honolulu police department has started a 6-month pilot program testing a half dozen Toyota Camry hybrids. The department is evaluating the gas-electric sedans to determine their suitability as patrol cars on the island of Oahu. According to Major Frank Fujii of the Honolulu police, the traditional Ford Crown Victorias get about 10-15 mph while the Camrys are expected to get about 33 mpg. Because the smaller Toyotas don't have the usual protective cages around the back seat, they will be used primarily for patrol and traffic enforcement. At a price of $28,000, the Camry is about $1,500 more than a Crown Vic but that should be made up in fuel savings. At the end of the 6-month pilot program, the department will determine whether to proceed with more hybrids or abandon the project.
[Source: KHON]

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