VIDEO: New Citroen C4 actually a dancing robot

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2010 New Look Citroen C4 and robot

We often wonder why French wine, fashion and architecture make total sense to us, yet French commercials often make us go "Um, ok, all right...." Citroen's C4 dancing robot first appeared back in 2004 -- well before Optimus Prime and crew teamed up with film director Michael Bay -- and since then he's done four more commercials to showcase the car that is "alive with technology."

With this latest clip, make that "staying alive with technology." Roaming the streets of New York, he's kitted out in chrome teeth and a glitter beret, jiving out to the Bee Gees while he performs style checks in any mirrored surface and poses for pictures. We have to admit his dance moves are hot, but Ironhide would probably shoot him if given the chance.

As for his alter ego, the New Look Citroen C4, it gets a grille, curvier hood and headlight treatment to match the C5. In back, transparent crystal taillamps replace the previous units. Inside, Citroen's latest NaviDrive has a 7-inch translucent screen pre-programmed for all of Europe. Two new engines, developed with BMW, will provide the car with 120 hp or 150 hp. Most intriguing, the car comes with an integrated, scented air freshener -- because all that dancing can make a robot sweat. Watch the new commercial for yourself after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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