The Swedish arm of the Coca-Cola company has made another Volvo purchase, and it's a big one. Coca-Cola Drycker Sverige will soon take delivery of over 200 Volvos to use as company cars, with most of them being Volvo V70 2.0 Flexifuel models, along with some V70 2.0D models. On top of the new fleet vehicles, Coca-Cola employees who will driver the cars will go through Volvo's Eco-Safe driving course which aims "to make the drivers both safer and more energy-conscious behind the wheel." Step one, don't get all caffeinated on Coke and drive; a twitchy foot isn't good for gentle acceleration.

[Source: Volvo]


Coca-Cola is investing heavily in green cars from Volvo

All the drivers will take part in Volvo's Eco-Safe driving course

Almost 200 new company cars, primarily Volvo V70 2.0 Flexifuel models but also V70 2.0D models, will be delivered over the next few days to employees of soft-drinks producer Coca-Cola in Sweden. The cars will be delivered to various locations throughout Sweden, where the drivers will also take part in the Volvo Driving Academy's Eco-Safe course, whose aim is to make the drivers both safer and more energy-conscious behind the wheel.

"This is yet another step in our local pro-environmental work, which we conduct within a variety of areas. Eco-driving, which puts the focus on driving economically, promotes not only lower fuel consumption but also less wear on our new cars and even on our drivers, who benefit from a calmer and more relaxed working environment," says Anne Lindfeldt, press officer at Coca-Cola Drycker Sverige.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of cooperation between Volvo Personbilar Sverige AB (Volvo Car Sweden) and Coca-Cola Drycker i Sverige AB.

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