Click above to watch a video of the Ecolumination lamps in action

We're thinking that donning foil hats and wearing lead aprons may soon be in order to protect our heads and our man-bits after discovering that a U.K. company called Ceravision is developing headlights that use microwave oven technology. After watching the video after the break, we think that we were absolutely right overreacting a bit. The technology, known as Ecolumination, is said to provide plenty of high-quality light and uses much less power to operate. Other benefits include a very long life expectancy and relatively low cost. To prove that its head lights are up to the task of street use, Ceravision sent a BMW equipped with its new Ecolumination lamps around the Silverstone circuit in England for a few hours. We're not sure what it proves, but the lights sure do look, uh, luminous. Think of the other bright side, even if the headlights suck, you could have a nice hot meal ready for you by the time you get to your destination.

[Source: Kicking Tires]


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