Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the most fuel efficient gas-powered car in this land was a version of the Honda CR-X. Back in the day, the CR-X was a small two-seat coupe based on the Civic and the HF flavor got EPA numbers of 41/50 mpg. Ever since the CR-X mutated into the now deceased Del Sol, fans of the original runabout have wished for a revival. Last year, Honda showed a concept called the CR-Z which harkened back to the original and Honda has since confirmed that a production version would be debuting after the new Insight as the second dedicated hybrid model in its lineup. A reader has sent in this photoshop rendering of what the production CR-Z may look like. Hopefully the production CR-Z retains the more aggressive look of the concept as a counterpoint to the very Prius-like Insight. What do you guys think? Thanks to Christian for the tip!

[Source: Photobucket]

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