Matthias Willenbacher runs this German green energy company called Juwi and like others in his position, had a strong interest in a car that could be powered by renewable energy. He somehow not only got hold of a Tesla Roadster to try out, but also some green sports car consulting expertise in the guise of one Heinz-Harald Frentzen, fellow countryman and former Formula 1 driver. We recently noted Heinz-Harold has his own hybrid racing team which employs the greener version of the Gumpert Apollo.

Apparently the test drive went quite well, if our ability to translate French is accurate. Although the Roadster wasn't likely to impress the racing car driver on the Autobahn with its 125 mph top speed, the quickness with which it arrived there must have. According to Le Blog Auto, Mr. Willenbacher has ordered up 11 of the electric beauties. Why 11? We don't know. If it were us, we'd have definitely gone for an even dozen. When the cars are finished being built they won't all be delivered to the Willenbacher estate but rather to his company headquarters (which, incidentally, produces more energy than it consumes), where they will serve as official company vehicles. We expect Juwi may soon be flooded with applications from eager thrill job seekers.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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