Educated Guesstimation: Lamborghini bringing four-door super sedan to Paris

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Lamborghini's lofty "new world" teaser has set the Internet on fire with rumors and innuendo, but after some coaxing from InsideLine, an unnamed Lambo exec has denied several speculations and brought about the most obvious conclusion.

Lamborghini's surprise for the Paris Motor Show won't be a retro exercise like the 2006 Muira concept, nor will it be a successor to the LM002. Forget about more Versace editions or Superleggera variants. No. It's most likely a sedan, following the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide into the uncharted waters of four-door supercars.

The project, which began less than five months ago and was given the go-ahead by Lamborghini bosses (independent of Ingolstadt), could share the Audi A8's architecture with a front-mounted V10 or V12 engine aft of the strut towers for a front-midship arrangement. A V6 isn't likely, but a next-generation V8 could be equipped on entry-level models. There's no indication about how power will be delivered to the wheels, but all-wheel-drive seems plausible considering Lamborghini's recent offerings.

IL's source at Lamborghini was insistent that the Panamera's underpinnings wouldn't be used, going on to say that, "Lamborghini is at a point where we can set off in new and plausible directions with the entire brand image. In a sense, we need to be able to tell customers what they ought to like about our brand. We're the experts." Since no one has claimed the title of "expert" super-sedan manufacturer, we'd say that Lamborghini has a good chance of owning it.


According to our direct source at Lamborghini, the information was not sourced from a Lamborghini executive and is simply educated speculation.

[Source: InsideLine]

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