Mark your calendars Top Gear fans, because the first episode of the new Australian series is almost upon us. As we reported previously, the first of eight episodes forming the pilot season Down Under will air on September 29, but following the preview video that was released last week, details of the Aussie team's exploits have now made it online.

The first episode will feature an off-road shoot-out between the Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV-4 and the new Subaru Forester. Warren (that's the mate with the soup-strainer) will be testing the Maybach 57S, and they'll later be dunking him into shark infested waters with their homemade Jeep/shark cage conversion. No kangaroo in a reasonably priced beer segment, then, but it should make for some entertaining viewing while we wait for the pilot episode of American Top Gear to air on NBC.

[Source: Forums]

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