Paris preview: Peugeot Prologue concept

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Following the introduction of the RC... concept, Peugeot is showing off the Prologue, a new concept using a hybrid architecture. Although Peugeot says that it defies all classifications, it's likely to be the base for the future 3008, a compact crossover that would fight against the Nissan Qashqai and the Volkswagen Tiguan. Currently, the only SUV available at Peugeot dealers is a Mitsubishi Outlander clone, called 4007. For the record, the 308 is Peugeot's subcompact, and the 407 is the Lion's marque sedan.

Based on the platform of the Citro├źn C4 Picasso, the Prologue uses a claimed "new generation" hybrid powertrain which gets 200hp and produces 109 g/km of CO 2 for the European mixed driving cycle and 0 g/km when running exclusively on electrons. Could it be a plug-in hybrid?

[Source: Peugeot]

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