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Montana mountains, big sky and 18 all-electric Miles vehicles. That's the promise of The Resort at Paws, an "upscale wilderness retreat" (the contradiction of that phrase makes my head hurt) in Greenough, Montana that recently purchased 18 Miles electric vehicles. The EVs - 12 ZX40S Advanced Design cars and six OR70 off-road vehicles - will be used by guests and staff at the resort. Miles says these are the first NEVs from Miles to be used at a resort in the U.S. In a statement released by Miles (available after the jump), MILES Sales Representative Ron Gompertz said that NEVs are really ideal for closed-campus resorts, what with their low-speed lifestyle and zero engine noise.

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Miles Electric Vehicles Greens Montana Resort with All Electric Vehicles

The Resort At Paws Up, Montana's Premier Luxury Ranch Resort Buys 18 MILES Vehicles

Greenough, Mont., September 11, 2008 – Miles Electric Vehicles and The Resort at Paws Up are teaming up to make the 'Big Sky Country' a little greener with the addition of 18 of MILES' all electric, low speed vehicles to the resort's fleet. The Resort at Paws Up is the first resort in the U.S. to purchase vehicles from the Calif. based manufacturer and plans to use their Miles Electric Vehicles for guest and staff transportation.

"With many resorts having closed campus type environments that have relatively low speed limits, there is a place for our fully electric, environmentally responsible low speed vehicles in the hospitality industry," said MILES Sales Representative Ron Gompertz. "We commend The Resort at Paws Up for being a leader in their industry and the first in hospitality to purchase a fleet of Miles Electric Vehicles."

The 18 MILES electric cars, appropriately colored green, will be available for guest and employee use while on property. The fleet includes 12 ZX40S Advanced Design cars and six OR70 off-road vehicles. As a special amenity, guests who book the brand new Wilderness Estates at Paws Up receive a personal Miles Electric Vehicle for on-property use during their stay.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Miles Electric Vehicles. At Paws Up, we love to think out of the box and stay ahead of the curve on current trends – not only from the hospitality perspective, but from our guests' perspective," commented Terre Short, general manager of The Resort at Paws Up. "Our guests and staff are sophisticated, forward thinkers and we feel proud to partner with a like-minded company," continued Short.

The Paws Up purchase of Miles Electric Vehicles is the latest move in the Resort's environmentally responsible efforts. Paws Up is eco-minded when adding new structures to the Resort and often operates under the mantra "re-use not re-build." Several of the existing, older facilities at Paws Up have been cleverly converted into working buildings, instead of being torn-down and rebuilt entirely. Paws Up's Tent City, River Camp accommodations and Spa Town use oversized canvas tents and existing infrastructure that have less environmental impact than new buildings. Paws Up also encourages and incentivizes their employees to reduce their carbon footprint by instating a very successful car-pool and shuttle bus program. Paws Up purchased a school bus that transfers more than 30 people to/from work each day.

With virtually no maintenance and an average electricity cost equivalency of 2-3 cents per mile, the operating cost of a Miles Electric Vehicle is about 1/10th that of a regular gas powered vehicle. The MILES cars charge easily on a 110-volt wall socket. The Miles Electric Vehicles models can be viewed in Montana by contacting Ron Gompertz, who is based out of Bozeman, via email at

Miles Electric Vehicles fleet of all electric, low speed cars at the Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Mont.

ABOUT MILES ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Founded in 2005 by activist/entrepreneur Miles Rubin and headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Miles Electric Vehicles is dedicated to changing the world one car at a time. The company is now successfully marketing a line of low speed, all electric cars and trucks, which combine the best of US electric motor and controller technology with China's advanced battery and vehicle manufacturing capabilities. All MILES vehicles conform to US NHTSA standards and are manufactured with safety as a primary consideration. To date the company has built a prestigious fleet customer base that includes the City of Chicago, NASA, UCLA, Cal State Polytechnic University, and others.

ABOUT PAWS UP: The Resort at Paws Up combines luxury with unforgettable adventure on 37,000 acres of untamed Montana wilderness steeped in Lewis and Clark history. Situated along seven miles of the Blackfoot River (of A River Runs Through It), The Resort at Paws Up became one of Montana's first true small luxury resorts when it opened in June 2005. The Resort at Paws Up offers accommodations for up to 152 guests, ranging from two-bedroom Meadow Homes to the charming, private four-bedroom Morris Farmhouse. New for 2008, the Resort added 10 luxury Wilderness Estates and a second glamorous camping facility, River Camp, with a total of six tents and tent suites.

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