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The big news of the day is obviously the unveiling of the production Chevy Volt. I mean, this is the car that you should be able to buy in two short long years and a few months. We've been following the development of this car for a long time now (since January 2007, for goodness sake).

But what if we were political pundits instead of bloggers with a thing for cleaner cars? Considering the amount of BS those pundits have spewed here in the U.S. during this seemingly endless presidential race, I can't help but think of how today's Volt reveal could have been, if people like Hannity and Colmes were here with Limbaugh and Olberman. My nightmare imagination runs wild after the jump.

Pundit #1: So, we're here at the unveiling of the production Chevy Volt and, I've got to say, this is big news for Americans. The Volt is looking for votes come November (2010) and now that we've seen what the Volt looks like, we can safely say that all of the controversies from the past few months will not be silenced by this move today. I mean, how does the Volt answer questions about it's patriotism?

Pundit #2: Exactly. What this car needs to do is convince people that it's not too elitist. I don't know whether or not America is ready for a gas-free car. I mean, in every small town in the U.S., people fill their vehicles with gas. It's simply American to go to the pump before the Sunday drive. My father did it, and I know that all the gas-powered vehicles in this campaign would agree with me that running on electrons is not the change we need right now.

Pundit #1: Good point. Let's take a caller. You're on the air.

Hi. Thank you for taking my call. I was wondering if you knew anything about the specs of the Volt. I heard it can go 40 miles without using gas. Is this true?

Pundit #1: A fair question. I think that when we're talking about running without gas, what we're really talking about is taking away a part of our heritage, don't you agree?

Pundit #2: Without a doubt. We still have unanswered questions from the gas-powered vehicle campaign about whether or not the Volt can connect with consumers. I mean, without a little American flag badge, how can we be certain that this car cares about this country?

Pundit #1: Very true. We all remember the report from earlier this month about the rumors of the Volt running around the track in Korea. Do we know if that was North or South Korea?

Um, my question was about the technical aspects of this car and -

Pundit #2:
I heard it was the North.

Pundit #1: I thought so. Now that we have confirmation that the Volt was seen with the North Korean military, what other questions does this raise about the threat the Volt poses to Americans?

Pundit #2: Those questions cannot be answered, and just goes to show that Americans are not yet ready for an electric car.


... and so on, ad nauseum. Please continue the conversation in your own way in the comments. Thank you, and stay classy.

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