There is no doubt that Jaguar is hard at work designing various hybrid systems for its upcoming products. In fact, the recently-sold automaker is receiving some assistance from the UK government to fund the research into dual gas and electric powertrains, as is sister company Land Rover. Recent rumors indicate that the automaker is considering going hybrid for its next XJ sedan. Now, new spy shots indicate that the automaker is currently testing a hybrid drivetrain in its sportier XK coupe as well, as photographers near Germany's famed Nürburgring circuit claim that very little noise is coming from the Jags as they circle the track at high speed. Normally, when racing around a circuit such as this, an abundance of engine roar can be heard for miles, so the lack of sound leads us to believe that there's something different about this car. Could it be a parallel hybrid? Of course, we don't know... but feel free to speculate away in the comments as you see fit.
[Source: Next Autos]

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