One of the problems major automakers cite as a reason that more ethanol isn't used in their flex-fuel vehicles is that the people who own the cars just don't know that you can put E85 into the tank. But there is another problem: not having any E85 available in your area. If you want to find out if you can get E85 locally, there has long been an ethanol station search available at the website of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition. Douglas Cottrell over at Drive Flex Fuel thought that another E85 station locater was in order.
A quick check using my home Zip code turned up 80 E85 stations from NEVC and almost twice that (157) on Drive Flex Fuel within a 200 mile range. DFF allows you to limit your search to 10 miles (or 25 or other limits) of your home while the NEVC site only allows you to search for stations within 200 miles of your home (and how useful is that?). From the looks of it, it doesn't seem that DFF discriminates between public and industrial sites. Cottrell wrote to AutoblogGreen to say that he updates the station list every month and has all states and zip codes listed.

[Source: Drive Flex Fuel]

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