Freep names 10 cars that will redefine the industry... like the Camaro

The Detroit Free Press laid out ten industry-redefining cars, and we're, well, a little perplexed. This is the definition, in the paper's own words: " a handful of new vehicles that debut over the next 12 months may shape the future of automakers around the world. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some break new ground for their manufacturers. Others aim to reassert companies' dominance in market segments they created."

We don't believe they are ranked in any order, but first up is the Audi A4, with a "beautifully balanced chassis" and bargain price that could put the shakes into everyone from BMW to Acura. The Chevy Traverse might outsell the GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook, and Buick Enclave combined. The new Dodge Ram will be ultra smooth, the new Ford F-150 will be more frugal. And so on...

While all of these are worthy accomplishments, none of them -- not even the 2010 Prius nor the 2010 Lincoln MKT -- appears to have any claim to redefining the industry. But follow the link and see for yourself. Maybe we missed something.

[Source: Detroit Free Press via Chevy Traverse Forum]

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