Transformers 2 to feature Devastator - 1 Decepticon made of 5

Devastator, a massive Decepticon made out of five, or six, or seven Constructicons, depending on which source you cite, will be in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. In the oddest case of reasoning we can imagine, he's said to have "massive upper body strength, like a gorilla." Devastator is a simpleton with one mission: heavy metal whoopass. But he's pretty easy to trip up since he's not so smart, which could be what the gorilla comment is about. Nevertheless, when upright, he's pretty good at what he does: his signature line is "Nothing defeats the Devastator. Nothing!" For the Autobots and humans, that'll probably mean a beating or two before they save the day. For us, that means yee-haw!

[Source: TFW2005 via I Watch Stuff]

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