Audi TT, Audi RS4, Audi R8, Audi... mooncake?

Click the image above for more shots of the Audi mooncakes

Audi has given their customers in China and Hong Kong something they can sink their teeths into. The Mid-Autumn festival, celebrating the maiden in the moon, is accompanied by tasty pastries called mooncakes that people give to each other during the holiday. Audi has baked up a set of treats topped with model names like A6, S5, and R8. If they're as good as they look, it's a nice way to give props to the moonwoman. The festival is on September 14 this year, so if you're an Audi-phile and want to get a piece of R8 mooncake, there's still time... Be sure to check out the gallery below for more photos. Thanks for the tip, Denis!

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