AC Schnitzer releases LCD-equipped shift knob

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Over a year ago we told you about the Indy-Cator, an LCD-equipped shift knob that displayed your gear selection. Now, the German tuning powerhouse AC Schnitzer has come up with its own version for BMWs and MINIs, and we're still left wondering if it has any practical use.

According to AC, drivers have to rely solely on feel to know which gear they're in at any given time (gasp), so the digital display takes all that pesky guesswork out of gear selection. The red LED on the shift knob has a light sensor which dims or brightens the display depending on conditions, matches the stock interior lighting, features a position sensor and can be installed in just a few minutes.

AC Schnitzer hasn't released pricing, but just like the Indy-Cator, its worth is in the hand of the beholder.

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