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REPORT: Porsche considering 914 revival

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Once every 40 years or so, when the stars are aligned just right, there arises the cosmic possibility for Volkswagen and Porsche to collaborate on a small sportscar. The stars in question seem to be Porsche chairman Dr. Ferdinand Piech, a spirit of takeover cooperation between the two German automakers, and the input of third-party contractor Karmann. It was Dr. Piech, the same man who has been driving Porsche's takeover of the Volkswagen group, who had ushered the original Porsche 914 into reality. But when Volkswagen launches its latest concept at the LA Auto Show this November, it hopes the little Elise fighter will garner enough attention to put the project into production as soon as 2011 with versions for both VW and Porsche.

The original Porsche 914 was based largely on borrowed Volkswagen mechanicals. Karmann was also heavily involved in the 914 project, and could be tapped once again to build the new sportscar for both Volkswagen and Porsche, with the project potentially spawning an Audi R4, as well. Although some sources suggest the Porsche version could adopt the 2.7-liter flat six from the base Boxster, with Zuffenhausen admittedly considering the possibility of going back to four-cylinder engines, anything's possible. Sources point out, however, that the four-cylinder version of the 914 was the top selling model. While you consider the idea of a budget Porsche, check out the high-resolution images of original 914 images in the gallery below.

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[Source: Motor Trend via PistonHeads]

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