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Police find "stolen car graveyard" in Washington lake

Finding a stash of vehicles left to rot can be exciting, like if they're in a barn and they're vintage and would have some high collectible value once fixed up. Finding a stash of cars left to rot at the bottom of a lake, well, that's a downer for everyone. Authorities in Camas, Washington (the state) recently pulled five gutted cars from Lacamas Lake, all of which had been stolen: two Hondas, two Acuras, and a Chevy Tahoe. The lake's water level is low this time of year, which allowed boaters to see the cars underwater. It's the second time the police have had to do salvage duty in the same lake for the same reason, and by their own accounts it is a "stolen car graveyard." If you live in Oregon's greater Vancouver area where the cars were stolen, it could be time to invest in... a snorkel. Thanks for the tip, Thom!

[Source: KPTV]

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