GM confirms plans to sell ER-EVs in Europe in 2011, 50 Volt prototypes this fall

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GM Europe president Carl-Peter Forster said again this week that the company would launch E-Flex-based extended range EVs on the European market in 2011, about a year behind the Volt launch in North America. In his remarks, Forster referred to both petrol- and diesel-powered ER-EVs, although the last time we checked with GM they said they had no plans yet to produce diesel-powered E-Flex vehicles. The Opel/Saturn Flextreme concept that the company displayed at the 2007 Frankfurt motor show used a diesel engine in place of the gas/E85 engine from the Volt. GM Europe plans to offer both Chevrolet and Opel branded E-Flex cars. Forster also told reporters that GM wil start building actual prototype Volts with production intent hardware this month and hopes to have 50 cars completed by the end of the year.

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[Source: Reuters]

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