Citroen does the Charleston in Paris with special C3 Pluriel

Click above for high-res gallery of the Citroen C3 Pluriel Charleston

Last month we noted that Citroen was gearing up to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its most iconic model, the 2CV. For those not familiar with the 2CV, it is to France what the Beetle was to Germany or the Cinquecento was to Italy. Although some suggested that Citroen could be preparing to resurrect the model with a retro throwback of its own, it now appears the French automaker has had its hands full preparing the Hypnos concept, the C6 Office and the new C3 Picasso. So to mark the 2CV's birthday, Citroen is launching a special edition of its quirky little convertible called the C3 Pluriel Charleston.

The special edition takes the same name and paint scheme as the original 2CV 6 Charleston, but that only begs the question as to why a French automaker has named a French car for the French market after a city in South Carolina that the French can't even pronounce. The Pluriel, now on the market since 2003, features an awkward multi-function roof that can be deployed in different configurations... a setup we hope Fiat manages to improve on with the upcoming 500 Cabrio Coach. The Charleston edition, meanwhile, upgrades with a leather interior, chrome trim, 15-inch alloys (don't get too excited now) and a special interior.

There are many European cars we wish we could get in the United States. We'll let the French keep this one.

[Source: Citroen]

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