14,277 cycles in China deemed illegal, destroyed

There sure are lots of two-wheelers coming from China these days. Still, there are plenty that stay in China and are ridden by those who can't quite swing the cost of a car or its fuel. Many of these mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are powered by gas, but there is a growing number of electric two-wheelers in China as well. Oddly, in Yungang district, Shenzhen, all two-wheeled vehicles have been banned - gas, electric, whatever. So, why is that? Is it due to the environmental impact of old machinery or are just there too many? No and no. It seems that there were a rash of crimes being committed where the perps got away on motorcycles. The unique solution is to confiscate any and all two-wheelers, gather them up into huge piles and crush them with bulldozers. Yeah, that'll do it. The results? Besides making it much more difficult for tons of people to get around, motorbike robberies are down 58.32 percent this year and China has another eco disaster on its hands.

[Source: DANWEI via The Scooter Scoop]

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