Nissan's Nuvu electric car to compete with Toyota iQ

October's Paris Motor Show will be the stage for Nissan to unveil their new Nuvu concept, an electric 2+1 micro-car that would compete with the Toyota iQ if the automaker rolls it out. At less than ten feet long, the Nuvu will be about the same size as a smart fortwo, but powered solely by a battery. There are two main seats and an extra seat for a third passenger. According to Nissan, there is "sufficient space for a typical supermarket or shopping expedition". Demonstrating Nissan's commitment to EV technology, and their environmentally-conscience green side, the Nuvu's all-glass roof is covered with solar panels placed in the pattern of leaves on a tree. The "trunk" of the tree is the conduit feeding the power to the battery. Nissan hasn't released pictures of their newest EV, but we promise full details and a gallery when we see it in person next month.

[Source: Autocar]

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