Volt pics were put up by "human error"

Click above for more high-res shots of the Chevy Volt

Oops. It seems that the General wasn't quite ready to show the world its new Chevy Volt quite yet, and the pictures of the car with all the guys in the suits was nothing more than an accident. Maybe. Marty Padgett, editor of The Car Connection and the first person to notice the pics were up thinks that the Volt pics could have been GM playing a little game and teasing us with early shots. If true, that could help explain why the shots weren't studio shots of the car only, but who knows? We're not complaining, as it's nice to get an early sneak peek at the car we are most looking forward to in the next few years. For what it's worth, we expect to see the new Volt first hand when General Motors celebrates its first 100 years as an automaker later this month. You can bet we'll get some proper shots with nobody in the way.

Bob Lutz
  • Bob Lutz
Bob Boniface
  • Bob Boniface
Frank Weber
  • Frank Weber
Andrew Farah
  • Andrew Farah

[Source: The Detroit News]

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