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Pics: Tata shows off electric Indica at SIAM Expo

The Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) Annual Expo is happening in New Delhi and Tata Motors has chosen this venue in which to show off a prototype of their upcoming all-electric Indica. Although we had previously told you it exists and would be built in Norway, thanks to Cubic Capacity, we can now show you some pictures of the interior, exterior and under the hood.

There aren't many technical details yet available besides that it sports a single speed transmission and a 120-mile range but we have learned of a few interesting developments. We can say it is to be built by Norway's Miljobil Grenland who is also rumoured to be putting the "E" in E-Nano, an all-electric version of the new "people's car" from Tata. Also, perhaps by coincidence, Miljobil Grenland is also the company who just signed a supply agreement with Canadian firm Electrovaya for its SuperPolymer lithium ion batteries. Tata is planning on selling the Indica EV first in Norway sometime next year before bringing it home to India within two years.

[Source: Cubic Capacity]

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