The next material to be recycled: carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber holds a huge potential in the automotive industry. Compared to both steel and aluminum - currently the most often used metals in our cars and trucks - carbon fiber is both lighter and stronger. What's more, the material can be woven in certain ways to promote strength in some areas and flexibility in others. There are, of course, a few problems with the wonder material, namely cost and the difficulty in its construction. At least one of those two problems may soon have a bit of a solution by way of recycling. Today, the majority of the material makes its way into airplanes. As these planes become obsolete, companies are currently looking into ways of recapturing that expensive material. The actual method requires that the carbon sheets be shredded so that the desirable fibers can be reclaimed. Auto manufacturers such as Volkswagen are intrigued in the possibility of integrating new lower-cost carbon fiber content into its less expensive products. If you can read German, click here for more.

[Source: via The Truth About Cars]

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