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Rendered Speculation: how will you tune the Camaro?

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With sales of the 2010 Chevy Camaro starting in the first quarter of 2009, it's inevitable that a variety of tuner versions will be popping up left and right. Deviant Art member Morfiuss decided that was too long to wait and beat everyone to the punch with his photoshopped rendition of a Hamann Camaro. We think he did a stellar job, penning in a new front fascia, side skirts, flared fenders, 20-inch rims, and gullwing doors that depict what Hamann would probably do if they got their hands on a Camaro. It's not likely to happen, but it does beg the question -- how would you tune the Camaro? Would you build a Euro-style version similar to the Hamann, or how about an all-out drag racer set for ten second time slips? Our pick? A street/track version styled after the Mark Donohue's Penske Camaro that was so dominant in the Trans-Am series in the late 1960's.

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