New video shows some of the first Transformers 2 action

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We're nearly a year from the big screen debut of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but that hasn't stopped us from devouring every bit of early information that we can about the new Micheal Bay action flick. There is an early video taken from the first day of filming which features a few of the things that we're expecting to see front and center in this movie: cars, motorcycles and explosions. While the video is pretty short and doesn't reveal all that much, it still has us psyched about the movie and we will surely continue to watch as more filming documentaries are released.

We've pasted the YouTube version after the break, but you might want to check it out on Walmart's site for a clearer version. You'll need the following code: AllSpark62609. There is one more video from Industrial Light and Magic. It's called Creating Transformers and it details what it takes to animate a Transforming robot on-screen with live actors through some of the best scenes from the first movie. Yeah, we're officially excited.

[Source: Walmart via Transformers.MovieChronicle via Jalopnik]


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