Spy Shots: More tormenting shots of 2010 Ford Mustang

Click above for more spy shots of the 2010 Mustang

It's not a continuation of the piece-by-piece unveiling that started the other day, but a member over at Mustang Forums managed to take a wealth of pics showing a heavily-covered 2010 Mustang mule out and about on the streets. Considering Ford has placed stickers on the windshields of these mules directing passers-by to check out the official 2010 Mustang teaser site, it's obvious that the Blue Oval wants this car to be seen. We'll bite. We've gathered together five shots and the rest of them can be seen here. There are some details that look fairly clear beneath what may be the world's best auto camo. Take special note of the front lights, which are a bit reminiscent of the vents from the '70 Boss 'Stang along with the quad light setup from the '69. All of these various cues make us keenly interested to see the real thing in, oh... seventy-five days or so.

[Source: Mustang Forums]

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