Cyclists: Range Rover drivers worst on the road

The Grill of a Land Rover... a British cyclists worst nightmare?

Who are the worst drivers on the road? Hmm, we can think of a few... like women who apply mascara while driving, teens sending texts while driving, and, of course, those who have had a few too many drinks. But, what about labeling drivers by the type or brand of cars that they drive? That is exactly what has taken place in Britain, as cyclists who share the roads with the cagers have taken a vote to determine the worst of the worst. The winner, uh, we mean losers? Range Rover drivers. While we don't see all that many on our roadways in the United States, the original British 'utes must really be clogging the streets in the U.K., riding right on the back tires of the pedalers. Also coming up on the short list of bad drivers are drivers of white vans (color matters?), followed by smug BMW drivers and elderly drivers who move too slowly, even for cyclists apparently. Comments?

[Source: What Car?]

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