Rendered Speculation: Alfa GT redesigned in 8C mold

We already know that Alfa Romeo intends to use the lauded design of the 8C Competizione as the new template for its range-wide styling language. The MiTo was the first to receive the treatment, with project 149 coming next and renderings of the 159 replacement showing the same. The next to follow in the 8C's footsteps could be the GT, but the rendering you see above doesn't come from the factory. It was done by an enthusiast forecasting what a revised GT could look like. We don't know yet if the GT will continue for another generation or if it will be replaced by something else entirely, but if the compact 2+2 (positioned above the new MiTo and below the current Brera) does see another incarnation, it could look something like this.

[Source: via CarScoop]

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