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In the eighties, David Sutton owned the company that prepared rally cars for Audi UK. It turns out he was collecting cars at the same time as he was preparing them, and putting them in his Historic Motors Ltd museum. The assortment includes seven Audis, some of which are Group B monsters, as well as an RS200 Cosworth, a couple of Lancias, a 1944 Volvo, and even a Skoda. Now the lot's being sold, 22 cars in all, through Morris & Welford. It's the kind of collection that, even if you had the time, money, and connections, would probably take you years to assemble individually. But you can have it all, right now... if you have what is likely to be an enormous sum of cash. Check out the other items on offer in the gallery below.

[Source: Motive Magazine]

Editor's Note:
At the time of the original post, other online references to the rally collection's sale caused us to misunderstand the circumstances surrounding it. Contrary to our initial description of him as the "late" David Sutton, which was posted in error, Mr. Sutton is indeed alive and well. We apologize for this misunderstanding and regret any confusion this may have caused.

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