Tie a pork chop around its neck - Telegraph counts down 100 ugliest cars

It didn't start off as a way for readers of England's Telegraph newspaper to engage in the popular pastime of bashing American cars, but it wound up that way. To be fair, there are plenty of odd and ugly vehicles from all over the place on the Telegraph's list of the 100 ugliest cars of all time, and the voters didn't beat up on the colonies too badly. With so much homegrown hideousness to choose from, we can see how they'd be reluctant to throw stones.

The usual suspects are accounted for, of course. The Pacer is there, as are the Cayenne, BMW's 1 and 7 Series, though we thought the Rolls Royce Camargue was conspicuously low on the list. C'mon, guys, stop going easy on it just because you've got hometown pride. The Camargue really was horrid, no matter how well it sold. There are also vehicles that don't belong; cars that aren't even remotely ugly. The Boxster, XJS, TR7, and Chrysler 300 don't strike us as repulsive. The readers were almost spot-on, though, voting the Fiat Multipla into the second place slot. Number one is a car that everyone loves to hate, but it doesn't strike us as uglier than the Multipla. That vehicle? Aztek. Seriously.

[Source: Telegraph.co.uk via Hemmings]

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