Electric scooter concept badged as a Nissan

Click above for more shots of the Nissan Mori concept scooter

Who cares if Nissan doesn't make two-wheeled scooters? In the world of concept designs, anything goes. A designer by the name of Shane Crozier has gone ahead and imagined what a scooter by Nissan that was inspired by a chest of drawers would look like. Yes, we did say inspired by a chest of drawers. Anyway, a drawer-like scooter would obviously be square-ish, and this one doesn't disappoint in that regard. The Nissan Mori scooter also has single-sided front and rear forks with a hub-mounted steering system imagined at the front.

From what we can tell, this scooter was designed for a young (and apparently very well endowed) Japanese girl named Makiko who lives near Tokyo and can't afford a car. Obviously, this girl still needs some wheels to get around, and an electric scooter seems reasonable for this purpose. Nissan enters the game because Japanese car sales are slowly tanking and the company needs to reach younger buyers. Right... just go with it, and feel free to browse the pictures below.

[Source: Yanko Design]

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