Mazda issues annual Social and Environmental Report

Mazda's efforts at self-policing/self-reporting continue today with the release of the company's 2008 Social and Environmental Report (SER). Mazda, like many other automakers, has been releasing these annual reports since 2001, and they are a broad look at how the company as a whole is doing with its attempts at making greener vehicles.

The SER discusses Mazda's plan to increase the average fuel economy of all Mazda vehicles sold around the world by 30 percent by 2015. The report also describes Mazda's participation in the Norweigan hydrogen progect HyNor, where Mazda has sent RX 8 Hydrogen RE vehicles. The "Social" part of the title means that Mazda's support of human rights in the workplace is also covered. Mazda also issued its Annual Report 2008, focusing on management information and financial news, today.

The full SER 2008 will be available in English at the end of September, but the Annual Report is currently available on the Mazda website. A web version of the SER is also available now. Full details after the jump.

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Mazda Publishes Social and Environmental Report 2008 and Annual Report 2008

HIROSHIMA, Japan-Mazda Motor Corporation today issued its Social and Environmental Report (SER) 2008 in Japanese. The SER features the results of Mazda's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives conducted during fiscal year 2007 (April 2007 to March 2008). Mazda has published an environmental report since 2001. The current title was adopted in 2004 when social information was also included. The 2008 SER English version will be issued at the end of September.

Also today, Mazda released its Annual Report 2008 in both Japanese and English. It features management information and financial news for investors and shareholders.

Highlights of the SER 2008
- A summary of Mazda's plan to improve the fuel economy of Mazda vehicles sold globally by an average 30 percent by 2015 under the company's long-term vision for technology development, 'Sustainable Zoom-Zoom.'
- Special feature stories about environmental and safety issues. These include an environmental story which explains Mazda's participation in Norway's Hydrogen energy project, 'HyNor.' Also featured is a safety story that introduces Mazda's rear vehicle monitoring system. This is the first system launched in Japan which detects vehicles approaching from behind at highway speeds.
- A feature story about Mazda's global initiatives to support human rights in the workplace.

Highlights of the Annual Report 2008
- A progress report on the mid-term 'Mazda Advancement Plan.'
- Executive interviews on Mazda's future initiatives in response to the changing business environment.
- A detailed explanation of manufacturing advancements through 'Monotsukuri Innovation' and Mazda's global brand strategy.

The full English version of both reports can be downloaded from Mazda's global website. Printed copies may also be ordered through the website free of charge (subject to Mazda's discretion):
SER 2008 (available from the end of September):
Annual Report 2008 (available now):

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