Empty the 401k: Riddler-winning Ferrambo up for sale

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We first alerted you to the Ferrambo's existence back in late 2007 when the build was nearing completion. The brainchild of Mike Warn and Tim Divers of Divers Street Rods, the Ferrambo is the result of mashing together a 1960 Nash Rambler Wagon and a Ferrari 360, along with a ridiculous amount of custom fabrication. The product is truly neither car, with the original Nash donating mainly its body and a wrecked 2002 Ferrari 360 its 3.6L V8 engine and 6-speed tranny. The rest is all made by hand, including the custom frame that accommodates mid-mounting the Ferrari V8 behind the two front seats.

What's under the hood then? A set of custom fit leather luggage that matches the hide used to upholster the interior. So impressive is the Ferrambo that it won this year's coveted Riddler award at the 2008 Detroit Autorama. If you don't know what the Riddler is then, as the car's builders say, the Ferrambo is not for you. But the Ferrambo is for someone who has got lots of money and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and the automotive oddities, as Mike and Tim are putting it up for sale. They don't list the asking price, but we imagine it's quite a bit more than the sum of its parts. Check out the Ferrambo for yourself in our gallery below, and if you're really interested, call GP Imports at 1-800-763-4016 for the price.

[Source: GP Imports]

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