BMW updates free "H2 - Mobility of the Future" documents

BMW certainly hasn't been shy in promoting its hydrogen-powered vehicles, and that promotion extends into some classrooms. As part of its education/promotion campaign, BMW has issued a document called H2 - Mobility of the Future, and yesterday provided an updated version of the package on this website by clicking on the heading "Educational Projects."

What's in this "educational package"? 31 chapters on the supply of hydrogen, how fossil and renewable energy will continue to play a role in BMW's future and how we'll eventually get to a hydrogen economy. The H2 package also includes "an extensive glossary, a list of additional internet links, as well as a portfolio of exercises specially tailored to the needs of pupils aged 15 and older. Practical notes from Germany's State Institute for Teaching Quality and Education Research (ISB) on the inclusion of the materials in science teaching round off this information pack." Sound like good reading? The Bavarians will mail you a free print copy if you'd like (see details after the jump).

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The BMW Group presents a redesigned version of its teaching material "H2 - Mobility of the Future"
Munich. The BMW Group's information package "H2 - Mobility of the Future" presents an updated and reworked version of its course folder on the topic of hydrogen.

"H2 – Mobility of the Future" deals in depth with the many different aspects of "Supplying energy for the future and sustainable mobility". Within this comprehensive teaching folder the company provides materials that are best suited to use in 1st and 2nd levels at college-prep high schools and secondary schools according to the recommendations of the ISB State Institute for School Quality and Educational Research. "H2 – Mobility of the Future" can also be used at other teaching facilities. The material, which is available in German and English versions, also provides information on the subjects of "Hydrogen, mobility and energy supply" for the interested public.

Practical, specialized information and ideas for the classroom
In light of the climate debate and the finite nature of fossil fuels, the general public is taking a greater interest in alternative energy issues. The topic of developing renewable energy sources is more relevant than ever, especially at schools. The BMW Group picked up on this issue early on and in response to repeated requests from the educational community started providing comprehensive course material back in 2001.
The new, completely updated teaching folder includes 55 photocopy masters containing practical, specialized information on the central issues of sustainable energy generation and hydrogen. A wealth of graphics, pictures, diagrams and charts illustrate the textual information. Alongside methodical and didactical suggestions for class planning, the "Exercises and solutions" section also includes tasks for completion with recommended solutions. These offer suggestions on how to tackle the subject matter and how to integrate it into interdisciplinary lessons in sciences such as chemistry, physics and technology. While the chapters do follow on from each other they can also be used individually and in project work.
Although the materials are suitable for individual work, they also promote communication skills – rather than just imparting knowledge – when they are used in group work.
The package is completed by an extensive glossary and a long list of useful links which make it an important source of information outside of school, too.

Thinking the future, shaping the future
Above and beyond informed discussion in the classroom, this material helps boost interest in issues to do with sustainability, create an awareness of individual responsibility and encourage thinking about solutions to the problems of the future – especially among the younger generation. In the preface to the folder the Deputy Chairman of the German Council for Sustainable Development, Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, urges: "We all need to become visionaries: to think the future and to shape the future."
The materials encourage a problem-based approach to topics relating to the importance of mobility and energy, renewable energy generation, hydrogen as a source of energy and its mobile and stationary applications.

"H2 – Mobility of the Future"
The "H2 – Mobility of the Future" course material is just one project on the BMW Group's long list of activities in the field of "Sustainability, mobility and energy resources". The automobile manufacturer has spent more than 25 years researching mobile applications for the use of hydrogen in the combustion engine. Its BMW Hydrogen 7 proves that tomorrow's drive trains can be realised without compromising mobility and dynamic performance. With its innovative drive strategy the BMW Group will continue to champion the development of mobile hydrogen technologies and set the standards for the future of sustainable mobility.

The BMW Group's commitment to education
The updated edition of "H2 – Mobility of the Future" extends the BMW Group's educational activities in the field of sustainability. The information package is just one project among a series of teaching aids and activities the company uses to present technical and scientific subjects. All of these projects are developed in collaboration with experienced teachers and scientists.

The course materials may be obtained free of charge from the BMW Group by sending an email to or a fax to +49(0)89-35846861 with the recipient's address and the required quantity.

The complete information package as well as further illustrative material will also be available online for download as of 28th August 2008 at under the heading "Educational Projects".

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