USA National Gas Temperature Map

Nope, this isn't a map showing the temperature that gas flows out of the nozzle into our car's tank to boost the myth that it's better to fuel early in the morning. No, this is a U.S. map (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) that shows color-coded gasoline prices (by county): the redder the color, the more expensive the gallon of gas while the greener the color, the cheaper the gas is. If you go to the site and zoom in on the map, you can drill down to the municipality level. Zoom in again and you'll end up with color-coded gas stations. My search found gas over $4.20/gal for Regular gas in Washington state, and under $3.12 near Dallas. The interactive map lets you even choose four different fuel types: regular, medium, premium and diesel, although E85 and biodiesel additions would have been a nice touch. Thanks to John and Larry for the tip.

[Source: Gasbuddy]

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