Marauding electric scooter gang goes on college campus rampage

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Troy University, in Troy, Alabama, be on the lookout for a marauding gang of large guys rampaging about the campus on small electric scooters. Ok, maybe that could be construed as being somewhat overstated. But, if you replace "marauding gang" with "members of the football team" and "rampaging" with "ecologically transporting themselves" then the report is completely accurate.
The scooter riding began at the end of last semester when football player Nathan Nolin decided to invest in the green transportation device instead of driving his truck (which was costing him $85 a fill-up). It's worked out so well, he hasn't bought gas since. His football compatriots realized a good thing when they saw one and got their own scooters as well swelling the number of this "biker" gang to about 20. Not only have they all enjoyed a summer wizzing around having fun and saving gas, they've also cut down on all the hassles that go along with trying to find parking on campus. With school getting back underway the players have been busy fielding all kinds of questions from "regular" students as to where they got their two-wheelers and so expect their little fad to begin extending among the rest of the student population. Way to go, Trojans!

[Source: Montgomery Advertiser]

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