Chevy Tahoe hybrid gets all POTUS '08 in Denver

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Even the radio is going hybrid. As part of the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week, GM has donated some vehicles for the festivities. There are four 2009 Chevy Tahoe Hybrids all decked out in political garb and XM logos (note that the XM logo is higher on the SUV than the political parties, just in case you forget which is more important) cruising the streets. These vehicles will also be used at the Republican National Convention next week in Minnesota, and the XM radio teams will be reporting from the SUVs in each city and then continuing using them through the inauguration in January. Read our review of the Tahoe hybrid here and then help us speculate on which vehicles a President Obama or a President McCain would promote. At least we know what John Kerry (remember him?) likes.

[Source: XM]

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