GM reconfigurable performance display available 2009

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As of 1996, the United States requires all new vehicles to come equipped with the OBD II on-board vehicle diagnostics system. The system utilizes an array of sensors to provide feedback on engine performance in order to aid mechanics with troubleshooting as well as maintain sufficient emissions levels. The large expense of readers and loggers has kept access to the system out of range for the majority of consumers, that is until more recently. These days electronics, such as small touch screen lcds, have become a reasonable option for data displays. The aftermarket industry has already taken the jump in releasing software that integrates OBDII output to visual digital displays. Nissan even includes a fine example of the technology in the GT-R. Now GM has developed its own performance display intended for use with ECOtec engines, specifically those of the turbocharged variety, and it will be a $295 dealer installed option beginning in 2009.

GM's Reconfigurable Performance Display can illustrate a wide range of data in gauge form, such as boost, battery voltage, air fuel ratio, cam phase angle, timing, barometric pressure and even torque and horsepower (the later two likely calculated based on other parameters). The device even includes a g-sensor, so no need for hacking your Wiimote to do the job. Traction control can also be enabled and disabled through the screen, along with shift lights for individual gears. Check out the gallery below for various screen shots. While it is apparent that the display is marketed towards Chevrolet Cobalt SS and HHR SS owners, we also presume that Saturn Sky Redline and Solstice GXP owners will get the option. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on the performance display being available for the Chevy Camaro.

[Source: GM Tuner Source]

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