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Wozniak carries two Segways in the back of his Toyota Prius

Click above for more images of the Saturn Flextreme concept

Apple co-founder Steve "the Woz" Wozniak loves his Segway. In fact, that should be plural, as he has multiple self-balancing two-wheelers. He also likes his hybrid Toyota Prius, enough to test its 104 mph top speed on multiple occasions. "I'll tell you, a hatchback is a really efficient car," says Wozniak. "You want things smaller but you want them to do a lot." The fact that the Prius has a good-sized boot is certainly a good thing for Steve. When traveling, Woz couldn't possibly leave his beloved Personal Transporter home, so he carries two of them in the back of his Prius hatchback.

We have an idea of what Wozniak would like to see for his next car... how 'bout the Saturn Flextreme which was shown off last Janurary as a concept in Detroit. It's the perfect vehicle for the man - as General Motors was kind enough to include two Segway scooters neatly tucked into the back already. Maybe Steve and Bob Lutz should get together, ride their Segways and talk about getting Mr. Wozniak a proper Segway-carrier.

[Source: Wired]

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