Things that never were nor ever should be: The Plymouth Voyager Shorty Van

Click above for another angle of the shorty Voyager

What would happen if an old Plymouth Horizon mated with a Plymouth Voyager? See above. Despite the fact that Chrysler used to offer its minivans with two different wheelbases, this is a vehicle that was fortunately never released out of the factory doors. Our guess is that the owner, like us, never really cared for those old non-powered sliding doors anyway. Why not just get rid of 'em completely? Our favorite view of the bus shows that there's nearly as much front-overhang as there is metal between the axles. In all seriousness, the work that went into cutting this sucker in thirds, throwing out the middle-section and welding it back together seems to have been done pretty well. Because the Voyager is a front-wheel drive minivan, the powertrain probably didn't need any tweaking at all.

[Source: Hemmings Auto Blog]

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