007's Ford Ka powered by hydrogen?

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When Ford released pictures of the redesigned Ka that will be used in the upcoming action flick Quantum of Solace, the automaker neglected to mention that the car would be powered by hydrogen. From the press release:

The 'Quantum of Solace' Ka is unique with metallic gold paint and an exclusive exterior graphics and interior trim combination.

Yeah, we see the paint and graphics... but take a close look at the pictures of the car, as seen above, which will be driven by actress Olga Kurylenko as she plays Camille, a friend of our good buddy Mr. Bond - James Bond, and you'll notice that the front of the gold-colored Ka is emblazoned with stickers proclaiming that it's running on hydrogen. Interesting, eh? Additionally, on the sides of the vehicle are stickers which say "Greener Planet," whatever that means. Perhaps Ford will come clean (ha ha, get it?) and let us in on what all of this means - or doesn't mean - before the Ka makes its official debut October 2 in Paris.

[Source: Carscoop]

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