Velotaxis print now how much CO2 you saved

Next time you're in Japan, feel free to step into a velotaxi - those rickshaw-like vehicles which have become popular in some city centers - and calculate how much CO 2 you saved by reading your receipt. The new receipts, which are being already provided on 17 vehicles in Tokyo and three in Kyoto, show the amount of carbon a regular car would have produced along the route just taken, if the user had chosen an ICE engine vehicle that produces 230 grams of CO 2 per km instead of a human-powered vehicle. As a side benefit, velotaxis are allowed in pedestrian areas where regular cars (or some weird hybrids) would never be allowed and produce no pollution and no noise. Using the 230 number seems a bit steep for the comparison, doesn't it?

[Source: Japan for Sustainability]

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