Mechanic arrested for not giving up vehicle to angry customer

Remember last week when we told you about a tuner shop in Florida that got stuck holding a $16,000 bill after customizing some broke guy's Toyota Celica? That shop is resolving its dispute through the courts and will likely end up selling the car to make its money back, but a mechanic in the U.K. named Darren Tandy recently found himself in a similar situation with a very different outcome. A customer came to pick up his Land Rover recently and refused to pay the agreed upon price of £1127 for the service work that Darren had done. At first the owner offered £950, then £850, and when Darren still refused to release his vehicle, the Rover owner called the local constabulary. Shockingly, the policeman who arrived on the scene actually told Darren he had to lower the price, and when he refused to accept £550 for the job, which didn't even cover the parts, he was arrested and thrown in jail. He spent three hours behind bars and promptly filed a complaint against the Northumbria Police, who performed a full investigation and found themselves free of any wrongdoing. Convenient, eh?
[Source: The Sun]

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